What do I need for deer?

  • Saturday the deer season opens and I’ve never gotten a deer. So what do I need?

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    @wesss1 That is going to depend on what you want to make with it! If you are going to make most fresh products like Bratwurst and Breakfast Sausage I would say you need a Grinder and Sausage Stuffer. There are a lot of options there at different price points so you have plenty of options. Initially, you might also want to take advantage of the Grinders ability to stuff, however long term you are going to be much happier, and make a better product, with a Sausage Stuffer!

    If you are making a cured products, like summer sausage or snack sticks, then I would suggest that you add a Meat Mixer to that list. It is absolutely going to help you make a better product as you can achieve protein extraction much better this way.

    In the Meatgistics University classes I covered this fairly well, or at least I think so! So if you are making a fresh product check out this post and video Fresh Sausage 102 - Equipment Needed For Fresh Sausage and if you are making a cured product check out Cured Sausage 102 - Equipment Needed For Cured Sausage.

    Let us know if you need anything else!

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    Also get your casings and spices from Walton’s. They have some of the best spices in the industry and layout exactly how to do it for a beginner. Most hunters I know just don’t eat that many steak so they like ground mixed with beef for burgers and things like that. We use the breakfast, philly brawt, buffalo brawt, and chili dog mixes are our favorites. Each mix generally makes 25# batches and they have a conversion chart to make 5# batches, mix venison 50/50 with ground pork butts and you’ll be up and running in no time. Remember you can use the spice and vacuum seal the rest to use another time. Once you start making it you’ll need more deer!

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    Hunting skills and a high powered rifle!

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