Summer Sausage and Snack Sticks Storage

  • I have a newbie question. If I make my snack sticks, and or summer sausage, use the proper amount of cure, and smoke to a temp of about 155 deg farenheit, can I vacuum seal and store them at room temperature? I want to be able to send my sausage to family in other states. I don’t want to be Hickory Farms hahahaha, just want to store without having to freeze or refrigerate. Any tips?

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    @HoustonSmoker No better Christmas gift than homemade Summer Sausage in my mind! First, I’d still recommend 160 degrees with beef or pork, then an Ice Bath to stop the cooking process and help set the casing. Especially if you are giving them as gifts, 160 degrees is the point of instant lethality so you will know everything is safe for family and friends to eat. For sending them out of state you’d need to pack them in dry-ice and send them overnight! These aren’t going to be shelf stable summer sausages. The process for those are totally different and require a starter culture and a different process.

  • @houstonsmoker bringing you snack sticks and summer sausage to 160 is key for a long shelf life. My first time making snack sticks I did not make sure they got to the proper temp and had mold problems within a week. After that I went to the 160 mark and have had no issues with spoilage. I have had them in the fridge over a month with no,problems.

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