• Next week I will be using carrot fiber binder for the first time in a batch of venison summer sausage. Typically I add no more than 1.25 ounces of water per pound of meat during the mixing process. Knowing the ability of carrot fiber to hold water should I be concerned this ratio will not be enough and the mix will be to “stiff” for proper stuffing?

  • I just made 25 lbs of venison/pork kielbasa using Walton’s Signature Smoked Kielbasa seasoning. I substituted carrot fiber for the sure gel meat binder. The recipe called for 1 quart of cold water which ended up not being enough. I did not measure the extra but close to a double. I could tell it needed more when I was trying to mix it.

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    I can not directly answer your question but I can say that I used carrot fiber binder with ground pork loin (very little fat content) and it really improved the moistness of the sausage. When I add water I go by feel of the mixture (just add slowly until it feels right) and have not had any problems. Since it sounds as if you have made venison summer sausage before add water like you did before but if the mixture seems too stiff add water a little at a time until it feels right and you should be ok.

  • I have used CFB in various sausages, it is a great product, especially in lean sausages. Usually use 8 oz of water per 5 lbs of meat. While I am typing this, I am smoking 30 lbs of summer sausage. I am going for a semi-dry endproduct, firm to a good thumb push and easy to slice thin. I am not using any water and no fillers since adding water would be counter productive to achieving my desired final product.

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    clubchuck No, you don’t need to be concerned that it will be too stiff at that ratio. However, if you are using carrot fiber I would use water at a rate closer to 2 oz per lb, maybe even 2.5 oz per lb. The Carrot Fiber will suck up a lot of that water and any that are left over will cook out of the meat. The real advantage to using 2 quarts of water to every 25 lb of meat is that the product stuffs a lot easier. When you add Carrot Fiber you still get that benefit but you also get an increased yield and a more moist product as well!

  • Thank you everyone for the help, just completed 110 lbs. of summer sausage, using carrot fiber in three of the five recipes we made, everything turned out awesome!

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    clubchuck Awesome! Glad it all came out well if you take any pictures of them please take so we can all see them!

  • Jonathon I enjoyed this line of questions and comments, it made me think. Here is my related question: Assume I use 25 lbs. of meat to make summer sausage and add one package, 4 oz., of Carrot Fiber and 80 oz. of water. The ratio is 20 times the weight of water to the weight of CF. In other words, I am adding 5 lbs. 4 oz. of water/CF paste to my meat dough. Should I adjust the amount of salt and spices, I add to the dough? I am concerned that the flavor will be weaker if I don’t add spices for the new total, 30 lbs. curious as to what y’all thinking.

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    AndyMan Great question, Carrot Fiber holds up to 26 times its weight in water, and while the 80 oz is still well inside that I have never done that before. I max out (even with Carrot Fiber) at 64 oz which is 2 qts. My only fear with doing 80 is that it might take a lot longer to cook as it will have more water content that will be trying to evaporate. Most of that water should be bound up in the carrot fiber though so it wouldn’t really be available to be cooked out. Hmmm, my recommendation, to be safe is to stick with 64 oz of water.

    Now, as to should you add more seasoning, some people will taste the difference if you did not add additional seasonings and some (most) will not. Your water and your seasoning is technically part of your meat block (anyone who is reading this who doesn’t consider this don’t worry!) so adjusting your meat block to include your water is sometimes done. If you do decide to add more spices or seasonings I would add aromatics and things like Rosemary and Basil, don’t add more salt as that is formulated specifically for the meat block.

    Hope this helps and if you do decide to go with 80 oz of water then I would be very interested in the results!

  • First time using and did not add enough water to breakfast sausage or brats. I plan to make patties and froze in 1 lb pkgs. When I thawed first pkg, it stayed pretty stiff. Can I add water and mix again prior to cooking to loosen it up some and gain some moisture?

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    Riney You can try and it might work, I am assuming you used carrot fiber and that is why it is in this thread? If so the carrot fiber SHOULD be able to accept more water even if the meat itself doesn’t want to. Nothing will be harmed by trying to add some more water to make them more pliable.

  • Jonathon Thanks Jonathon and yes, it was the carrot fiber. I will try the water and see what happens. Can’t hurt.

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    Riney No, there is nothing that should cause any issues. When we first got it we tested its claim that it could hold 26 times its weight in water by putting an oz in a bowl and putting 26 oz of water, it created a thick paste, similar to apple sauce and we left it out for a few days. It never dried up even when by itself and exposed to the air so I can’t imagine you are going to run into any issues!

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