Switching from Snack Sticks to Summer Sausage

  • Originally intended to make snack sticks with 70/30 venison/pork fat. Having trouble finding a stuffing tube that will fit the 19mm smoke collagen casings I got from you. (I’ve borrowed an off brand stuffer from my nephew that isn’t being made any more.)
    So, thinking about switching to summer sausage instead.
    Question: Is it pretty much true that most of your snack stick seasonings are ok to use for summer sausage?
    My intent for the snack sticks was using half Willie’s and half habanero seasonings bought from you, and adding your high temp ghost pepper cheese.
    Should be ok to use the same mix of seasonings/cheese for the summer sausage right?
    Thanks for any thoughts/recommendations…:-).

  • Walton's Employee

    @mtnjim Yes, you won’t have any problems stuffing them into fibrous casings and making a summer sausage, off the top of my head I can think of two Excalibur Seasonings that actually say Summer Sausage / Snack Stick in the name, so this isn’t something that would be uncommon! The process of Snack Sticks and Summer Sausages are very similar. Both are going to have the same fat content (ideally somewhere in the 70/30 range) both with be ground through a 3/8 and then a 1/8, you would mix both until they have protein extraction so the only real difference is the seasoning, the casing and the time it takes to smoke them!

    Good luck, you should be fine and your mix sounds awesome, though I think I have already told you that!

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