Smoked snack sticks

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    Some bbq smoked snack sticks out of venison. Smoked in my smoker and they turned out great. Nice mild flavor that my kids can enjoy

  • Walton's Employee

    @bubba_mcnabb Good choice on the carrot fiber, I love that stuff with snack sticks. I REALLY like the coiled sticks with a W for Walton’s in the middle. I’m not sure if that is what you were going for or not but I am going to use it on our Instagram account for a post for sure at some point! What cheese is in there? I think I see some cheddar in the ones that you have vacuum packed?

  • Been meaning to try the carrot fiber to some snack sticks. What’s your opinion on using it, does it make a big difference?

  • Walton's Employee

    @revid I’m a fan of Carrot Fiber for sure, more so than some others but I have never used it and not been happy with the results. I heard from one person, once, that they could pick up a carrot flavor but I never can and it gives you a really nice juicy finished product as it holds 26 times its weight in water. Super Bind is another amazing binder as it combines carrot fiber with potato starch. The potato starch starts to gel at the exact temperature that the meat will start sweating so it just sucks all that moisture right up, it’s excellent but can be pricey for making a homemade product. Either way, I don’t think you will be disappointed!

  • @jonathon yes that was the goal with the W lol. Couldn’t be happier with what you guys at walton’s are doing. There is such a wealth of useful knowledge (for free) and you guys break it down into layman’s terms for the average person. Keep up the good work. You have a customer for life here.

  • @revid yes first time using it and had great results with my snack sticks and my bologna I made. I added 2qts of water per 25# batch and couldn’t be happier with the moisture content they had. All the guys at work are trying to figure out my secrets lol

  • @revid I use Carrot fiber in just about everything that I make and have not been disappointed with it, I just bought some Super Bind to try that just so I can potentially have another option if I need it.

  • Thanks guys will have to try some on my next snack stick batch. How much would you use for 2# and 5# batches?

  • Walton's Employee

    @revid We have broken this all out by weight and by volume on our Additive Conversion Chart by 1 and 5 lb batches! I am amazed at how much use those have gotten, had I known it would be that useful I would have done it ages ago.

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