• Was looking to make Lebanon bologna this weekend. Can I add sodium erthrtobrate to fast cure this so I dont need to wait over night? Also could i add encapsulated citric acid along with the sodium erthrtobrate?

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    mts1829 The citric acid will give you a nice tang, but it will also act as a cure accelerator so if you are going to use that, then I would not add the Sodium Erythorbate. Both are acidic so my fear is that you would end up with a product that would be overly tangy. I don’t think it would be to the point where it would cause health issues but I am going to check with our Application Specialist as well to see if there are any other reasons.

    We just made some here and we used the X-tra Hot Red Pepper at a usage rate of 3 oz to 100 lb of meat and it came out amazing! I would highly recommend adding some for a nice little kick to balance some of the sweetness.

  • Thank you so much for the info. I’ll just stick with the encapsulated citric acid

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    mts1829 I was able to get some time with our application specialist today and he said there shouldn’t be anything health-wise that would be an issue, he just said it’s unnecessary. So I think your plan to just go with the ECA is a good one!

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