Meatgistics: Boot and Shoe Dryer, Imitation Bacon, Spaghetti Squash, Meat Hacks at WALTONSINC.COM

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    Meatgistics: Boot and Shoe Dryer, Imitation Bacon, Spaghetti Squash, Meat Hacks at WALTONSINC.COM

    Watch Meatgistics EP10: Boot and Shoe Dryer, Imitation Bacon, Spaghetti Squash, Meat Hacks at WALTONSINC.COM

    In This Episode

    Weston Boot and Shoe Dryer
    Excalibur Imitation Bacon Seasoning
    Excalibur Imitation Bacon #2 Seasoning
    Excalibur Lemon Pepper Seasoning
    Olive Oil Mister
    Excalibur Sure Gel Meat Binder
    Excalibur Soy Protein Blend Meat Binder

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    For our new item this week, we have the Weston Boot and Shoe Dryer, plus the optional Glove Attachment. It is a simple and easy to use boot and shoe dryer. Simply place boots or shoes on the drying posts and plug-in to quickly and easily dry any boots or shoes. The Weston Boot and Shoe Dryer is ideal for drying boots, shoes of all kinds, gloves, child or adult, rubber, cloth, plastic, or leather, safely, silently and thoroughly using the latest in natural thermal convection heat technology. As a result of using natural convection with no moving parts or forced air, there is little to no indication that the unit is actually on. The only proof is the warmth that will begin to be emitted and your dry footwear!

    In our Product Spotlight, we have our Excalibur Imitation Bacon Seasoning. Imitation bacon is great for any type of ground meat, but especially deer, pork, or beef. It makes a fantastic product that tastes and cooks like bacon, but without being normal bacon. It’s very simple to use, and all you need to do is take meat that is between 50 and 60 percent fat, separate the lean from the fat (if possible), and mix the lean meat with the seasoning and cure until it is very sticky, then just add the fat and continue to hand mix for a few more minutes. Once mixed, simply press the meat into an aluminum pan or form a slab on a baking sheet and cook or smoke until you reach an internal temp of 160 degrees. Then, let it cool, slice into strips just like bacon, then pan fry and eat like normal bacon!

    For our Recipe today, we made a Lemon Pepper Spaghetti Squash. If you are unable to eat pasta, looking for a new side dish, or just looking to switch up your normal pasta routine, Spaghetti squash is a great and healthy alternative! We started by taking a spaghetti squash and cutting it in half. Next, use a spoon and scrape out the seeds in the squash. Then, we used our olive oil mister to cover the squash generously. After that, we took our Lemon Pepper Seasoning and shook it over the the oil covered squash. Simply place the spaghetti squash meat side down on an edged baking pan with a few tablespoons of water and bake at 350 for about thirty-five - forty-five minutes. When you pull the squash out of the oven, hold one of the halves in a towel or oven mitt, and use a fork to scrape the inside squash meat into spaghetti form.

    Lastly, for our weekly Meat Hack, we are digging into Meat Binding. A lot of people ask us what is meat binding and why do you want to mix until the meat gets sticky? What we are doing with mixing and ultimately meat binding, is we are trying to extract protein. You can tell that your protein extraction is beginning because your meat will become sticky. Protein extraction is going to allow the proteins in the meat to encapsulate fat and hold fat and water together in the final sausage or product. Meat binders help cover fat particles and have a strong affinity for water, which holds more water and then keeps fat from clumping together. Then, the protein holds onto itself like velcro, around the fat particles. Good protein extraction will also allow the meat block to bind better to the sausage casing and reduce the tendency for fat to migrate to the outer layer of the sausage, or as some people say, fat-out. Having a good protein extraction and meat bind will help with increased juiciness from retained water, provide a better mouth feel, give your product a better appearance, and make the product have better slice-ability if you’re slicing summer sausage, deli or lunch meats.

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    I believe the recommended curing time is 12 hours but can I go less than that? I was expecting my order to be here tonight and it won’t be here till tomorrow morning now.

    I was going to mix up my batch of jerky tonight but will have to do it tomorrow on my lunch break. Just wondering if tomorrow evening would be long enough to let the meat cure.



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  • M

    Your recipe calls for 1. Sure Cure, 2. Sure Gel Meat Binder, and 3. Smoked Meat Stabilizer. I have all but the Sure Gel Meat Binder. Can I get by without using this? Second question- Is Excalibur’s Cure Excellerator the same as Sure Cure?

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  • @andyman Great question, Carrot Fiber holds up to 26 times its weight in water, and while the 80 oz is still well inside that I have never done that before. I max out (even with Carrot Fiber) at 64 oz which is 2 qts. My only fear with doing 80 is that it might take a lot longer to cook as it will have more water content that will be trying to evaporate. Most of that water should be bound up in the carrot fiber though so it wouldn’t really be available to be cooked out. Hmmm, my recommendation, to be safe is to stick with 64 oz of water.

    Now, as to should you add more seasoning, some people will taste the difference if you did not add additional seasonings and some (most) will not. Your water and your seasoning is technically part of your meat block (anyone who is reading this who doesn’t consider this don’t worry!) so adjusting your meat block to include your water is sometimes done. If you do decide to add more spices or seasonings I would add aromatics and things like Rosemary and Basil, don’t add more salt as that is formulated specifically for the meat block.

    Hope this helps and if you do decide to go with 80 oz of water then I would be very interested in the results!

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    i use denuded round. higher cost, less waste, cleaner eating

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  • @twigg267 I did a meatgistics university article on this topic, you can view it Jerky 103 - Best Cuts For Jerky and read the article! Let me know if you have more questions beyond what is available there!

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  • A

    @jonathon I enjoyed this line of questions and comments, it made me think. Here is my related question: Assume I use 25 lbs. of meat to make summer sausage and add one package, 4 oz., of Carrot Fiber and 80 oz. of water. The ratio is 20 times the weight of water to the weight of CF. In other words, I am adding 5 lbs. 4 oz. of water/CF paste to my meat dough. Should I adjust the amount of salt and spices, I add to the dough? I am concerned that the flavor will be weaker if I don’t add spices for the new total, 30 lbs. curious as to what y’all thinking.

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