• I recently upgraded to a pellet grill after struggling with temp issues with both gas and electric stick burners. I love the set and forget features. My quesrion is that so many of your recipes for sausage call for an initial period of low temp and no smoke. My smoker has various 7 levels of smoking with low temp and high smoke or high temp and low smoke. I have yet to determine what these temps are and I can go independantly of these ranges and set the temp directly. I understand that higher temp burns the fuel more completely, reducing smoke, but how can you burn at a low temp without smoke?

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    FarmerRon Great question on the “No Smoke” initial phase that we often recommend. We use a PK 100 which can cook and smoke at very low temperatures, far lower than most grills or even pellet grills. We say not to use smoke because it is a waste at that point, the smoke won’t adhere and since we are doing a drying phase with dampers wide open you could potentially run through a lot of chips. Also, if your product doesnt spend that first hour drying and get a lot of smoke on it it could be streaky at the end.

    I hope I answered your question, let me know if I didn’t Im typing this on a treadmill trying to wake up on a Saturday Morning!

    Have a great day and I hope anyone reading this has something good to smoke, cook and drink tonight!

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