additives in prepackaged seasonings

  • is there already all the necessary binders, cures, boosters ext. in seasoning packs from Excalibur or Waltons ??

  • @kstrantz said in additives in prepackaged seasonings:

    is there already all the necessary binders, cures, boosters ext. in seasoning packs from Excalibur or Waltons ??

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    @kstrantz No. Seasonings meant for cured sausage will include a package of Sure Cure, but it does not include any other additives. If you want to use a binder, taste booster, ECA, or something else, those then need to be purchased separately.

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    @kstrantz If you look at our meatgistics articles for a specific product we usually have links to all the additives we used in that video. Let us know if you have any questions on how to use an additive or when to use one!

    One of the reasons it is not added in is that it would then need to be used and you would not have the option of using something else, or nothing at all. It is the same reason the cure is not added directly to the seasoning before packaging. This way you can make a bratwurst out of a seasoning that is designed to be used to make a summer sausage!

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