I've never been a big fan of cheese pizza...

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    Supreme Pizza
    Supreme Pizza

    Over the last weekend I finally had a chance to put the Excalibur ‘Supreme Pizza’ bratwurst seasoning to use and It’s everything I hoped it would be. It’s been approximately 458 days and 16 hours since I last had pizza (seriously, lol) so this is something I was really excited for. It has slight sweet tomato flavor with hints of pepperoni and fennel sausage. The addition of high-temp mozzarella really brought this together. The aroma reminded of walking into my favorite pizza place. The only thing that I was missing was the crust…and toppings!!! I’ve never been a big fan of cheese pizzas so why would I settle now? They taste just fine, but can be boring. I like a large variety of toppings. I need some color. In my opinion visual appeal is just as important as anything.

    After grinding meat, adding seasoning and throwing my cheese into the mix I tried a small sample prior to stuffing to see if I needed to adjust the seasoning. The flavor was great but I craved an intense punch that I could only get by loading this pizza up with toppings. I NEED real pizza in my life!

    To 10 lbs of ground pork I added a good portion of minced vegetables (pulsed in a cuisinart) after pan frying them for a few minutes to sweat them. My toppings included the following:

    1 Green Pepper
    1 Red Pepper
    1 Jalapeno
    1 Medium Sweet Onion
    1 pkg Sliced Mushrooms
    1 can sliced Black Olives
    1 bunch fresh Basil
    10 cloves garlic
    1 TBL dried Oregano
    1 tsp. crushed Red Pepper
    a pinch of salt

    My first impression of the Excalibur Supreme Pizza Seasoning was great. My second impression was nothing short of amazing. The seasoning holds it’s own but adding your own ‘toppings’ will really elevate your bratwursts to a whole new level. The seasoning really complimented the toppings well and brought subtle nuances (Umami?) to the end product. Visually speaking…they were beautiful. A simple sausage patty was stunning and full of color.

    Whether making patties for burgers or in the form of a brat these would be incredible on a bun with marinara, mozzarella and a sprinkling of fresh chopped basil.

    If you are on the Low-Carb torture diet plan like I am do yourself a favor and order some Excalibur Supreme Pizza Seasoning and load it up with toppings. I’d suggest doing the same with the Philly Cheesesteak (Peppers and Onions), Reuben (Sauerkraut and Caraway) and any number of the others. Fresh Pico De Gallo in the Salsa Brats would be totally rad. It might just change your life.


    Supreme Pizza Supreme Pizza Supreme Pizza

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    @joe-hell Awesome pictures and just an all-around awesome post, Joe! That made me extremely hungry looking at the pictures and reading the post! I am going to reference this post in my blog tomorrow making this a must read!

    458 days without Pizza is a testament to your willpower! It looks like you broke that fast with an amazing creation!

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    Thanks for the kind word Jonathon! These are the best ‘diet’ sausages ever! Thank you so much for your personal attention and help getting my pictures to upload. I apologize for some of the typos. I’ll get it right next time!

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