• So, I was able to score some pork fat from the local Whole Foods Market!
    Question: Does it have to be double ground like meat, or can it just be single ground through the 1/8 inch plate?

  • Team Blue

    It depends on what you plan to use it for. In fresh sausages I’d grind a second time. If I was making a summer sausage or another cured variety I’d keep it chunky for texture and appearance.

  • Team Blue Admin Walton's Employee Power User

    mtnjim Like Joe Hell says it depends on its application. Joe, you meant grinding the fat once for a cured and twice for a fresh right? Funny that we would both think that on the fat but when it comes to the meat for a cured product you want it ground more!

  • Joe Hell thanks!

  • Jonathon got it! thanks

  • Team Blue

    Jonathon Yup, that’s what I meant…I was just bad at saying it. lol

  • Reviving an old topic, but looking for help. I get pure hog fat from a butcher for my meat processing, and I can’t get consistent grinding results. I started with not keeping it cold enough and getting fat smearing, a few years back. Now days I try to keep it cold and go back to the freezer between grinds. However…knowing when the fat is cold, yet not frozen, seems to be key. Yesterday I ground fat that was probably still mostly frozen, and when I ground it, it like flaked into tiny pieces, almost looked like was flakes. So when I tried for a second grind, it simply clogged up my grinder and wouldn’t flow through at all. Was this just an issue of being frozen? Is there a temp to keep the fat below before that isn’t freezing, like 40° or so? I’m nearing the point where grinding pure fat is more trouble than it’s worth. And that’s with good blades and plates of course. Any advice? Also, great video idea, cover fat grinding techniques and issues, walking us through what mistakes cause what issues, maybe even making some mistake sausage to show what happens. Thanks!!

  • Power User PK100 Regular Contributors Team Grey

    bcompton53 i grind purely frozen every time. No issues. I got a 1hp #22 grinder

  • twilliams
    I’m self taught, and I sure wish I knew what I was doing wrong, or borderline wrong. I think what happened was the grinder was just turning the fat that had clogged up the auger, and it was “shaving” it off on the plate. But I still and not sure what my actual issue was. When I’d clean out the auger it was just rock hard stuffed with fat. Is there a chance the fat was really dry from freezer burn or something? It was vac sealed and looked fine. Do you always go through a large plate with fat first?

  • Power User PK100 Regular Contributors Team Grey

    bcompton53 i only go through the large plate with the fat. After i mix with meat i will grind again keeping it very cold partially frozen in between grinds if possible both for fresh sausage and cured sausage.

    So for fresh sausage(bratwurst) …i will grind meat and fat through 3/8" plate, lightly mix, then grind again together through 3/8" plate. After that will add seasoning and water and lightly mix til evenly dispersed. Then stuff.

    Cured sausage (snack sticks, summer sausage, and ring bologna) i will grind meat and fat through a 3/8" plate, then lighty mix, then grind again through 1/8" plate. After that step is when i add seasoning, water, additives and mix til protein extraction is achieved and stuff. Then smoke next day.

    Be sure knife blades are against plate and retaining nut is tight

  • twilliams
    Ah, ok. Yeah my 3/8 grind happens no problem. Stuff flies through my #12 grinder. Following that, I’ve tried to follow recommendation of keeping fat separate from lean meat, and mixing seasonings with lean meat first, and the second grind through a 1/8 plate with fat is where my problem happens. If I mix the meat before that grind, it seemed much better. I did go ahead and order 2 more knives so I can pair a knife with each plate, might be [censored], but it can’t hurt.

  • Power User PK100 Regular Contributors Team Grey

    bcompton53 i recommend ordering the plates as well to pair the new knives with the new plates

  • twilliams
    Funny, it censored my word. Might be…overkill, how about that.
    I have “refaced” the plates before with sandpaper on a piece of glass. I felt like it did a pretty good job. Is that adequate before using the new blades?

  • Power User PK100 Regular Contributors Team Grey

    bcompton53 if the entire face looks uniform and even with no scratches or knicks i would think so. Also depends how fine you got it to with the paper

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