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    In the directions for the Excalibur Jerky seasonings they recommend an overnight or 12 hour hold time. I’m not sure If I will be able keep to a 12 hour window for processing this weekend. Is there a maximum recommended hold time? Would 24 hours be detrimental to the final product?

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    @Joe-Hell Twelve hours is what we recommend to allow the cure to work in the meat but it can be held longer than that to a point. 24 hours shouldn’t cause any concerns, it might not be ideal but that 12-hour difference isn’t going to give you any changes in color, taste or safety, so you are good to go!

    What can happen, if it is held too long in certain situations is that the Nitrite might convert to nitric oxide and begin to lose its effectiveness. It’s not common but it can happen!

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    Good to know! Thanks for the quick response!

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