• I used the dry rub to start curing bacon. It was all covered with the rub. I checked it last night. I have 2 pieces. I have the fat side down on the bottom one and the fat side up on the top one. The 2 meat sides are still covered with the rub but it seems as though the fat caps aren’t covered with the rub. I know I started out with both sides of both pieces of pork belly covered. Can I put some more cure on the fat sides or is this normal? ALso, I have some of the poly meat pans. Can smoked chickens or other done foods be placed in these pans or not?

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    gerygaub I already responded in an email to this but just so everyone else can see the answer as well, the fat cap won’t really pass much cure through to the rest of the belly so it is not necessary to rub it again. However, it is not going to hurt anything either so if you want to re-rub it then go for it!

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