Breakfast Sausage.

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    Just make a 20Lb. batch of breakfast sausage using Walton’s seasoning No. 1504. Mixed 14 lbs ground bear with 6 lbs. ground pork butt. Added seasoning as per instructions and topped it off with 2 cups grade A maple syrup thinned with two cups warm water. Fried up a small patty for a taste test and Winner Winner Breakfast sausage dinner. Can’t wait till tomorrow morning for a larger taste test.

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    I made a batch of their Maple Sausage Seasoning this summer and it was a hit. You should give that a try sometime.

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    That sounds awesome! I’ve never tried breakfast sausage made from bear.
    When I’ve done maple flavored sausage, I have done the Maple Flavored Pork Sausage like @Gomez suggested. Was the consistency of the sausage fine with adding 2 cups of syrup and 2 cups of water, or did it get a bit soupy at all?

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    @austin :
    This was a spur of the moment project and I all I had on hand was the regular seasoning so I had to wing it. I did a double grind but the final grind was with a 4.5 mm plate instead of the finer plate. It has a little courser texture but fries up fine. I mixed in the seasoning and maple syrup mixture in 3 stages by hand and it was a little soupy but it made it easier to get a consistant mix. After setting for about an hour the liquid had absorbed and it was just right. Next morning it was spot on. The next time I will add more seasoning. Maybe 25lb. seasoning pouch for 20lb. of meat. After sitting over night the seasoning flavors kind of dissapeared. I had this happen when I used bear in summer sausage. So I will make a note in my log book so I can compare the next batch. This weekend in bear pepperoni so I will keep you posted. Thanks again for great products.

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    Sounds great!
    Some wild game meats will have a stronger meat flavor or gamey flavor to them, which will mask a bit more of the seasoning and it won’t be quite what you expect if using just pork/beef/etc. So, if you’ve experienced that with some other bear sausages, you might try, as you suggested, to use a little extra seasoning when making bear sausage. I can’t give you too much detail on how much to use though because I’ve never made bear sausage… One thing that can also affect it is the fat content you use. More fat will help the flavor be a bit stronger and noticeable, so you could try adding a tad bit more pork butt, or just try to use pork with a higher fat % to help increase your overall fat ratio. I notice this a lot when making very lean chicken sausage and the flavor is not as strong with very, very lean meat than if I used the same seasoning in a fattier pork sausage.

    I hope the pepperoni turns out great for you this weekend!

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    I have made about 5 batches of summer sausage and have followed the videos, I purchased a 20 pound mixer, soak the casings, using the clear casings, stuff the casings, etc. The casings are not sticking to the meat. They look good until I shower them and let them cool, then they become very loose. I am using a cookshack smoker and it only has a quarter size hole in the top to let out moisture. Could the humidity be to high to let the casings adhere to the meat? I am using the temps per the summer sausage video. The sausage tastes fine, just trying to figure why this is happening.

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  • @loadpin dessicants in a vacuum sealed container in the freezer is really not going to do anything at all and would cause more problems. They are made with a cloth material and that material will get saturated with water/fat from the snack sticks and will end up rupturing when removing removing unthawed snack sticks from container. You do not want to use dessicants in that fashion and they really would not do anything for that anyways. If you vacuum seal your snack sticks real tight they should be great to eat without too much change in moisture for a few years. Many years ago i had dessicants and actually did this very thing for R and D and they dont work.
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