Venison Brat/Pork fat ratio

  • how much pork fat should be added to venison brats. never done brats so new process. I am going to be making the philly cheese steak brats and add high temp mozzarella. I will be using pork shoulder for the mix. Thanks for the help!

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    @minnesotameat You want to be in the 70/30 to 80/20 range for brats. We have a video on making Bratwursts that covers the entire process pretty well. Pork Shoulder is the same thing as a pork butt really so you don’t need to add any fat, it should already be in that range so you are good to go! Philly Bratwurst is awesome and that is a good choice on the cheese, you are gonna like your results!

  • @jonathon

    Great, thanks for the tips

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    @minnesotameat You’re welcome, answering questions is what we are here for!

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    I did my 70/30 with pork fat ,came out very nice. Cooks nice, also add a few ground jalapeño gave a little zing.

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    I make brats from alpaca meat which is very lean like venison. I use a 75/25 ratio and add 2.5 ounces of carrot fiber to a 25 pound batch. I have made several batches of the philly cheese steak and the favorite combination is using 1 pound of high temp provolone and 1 pound of high temp sriracha cheese in a 25 pound batch. I grind everything through a 1/4" plate and mix just long enough to distribute the seasonings (mixed in about 1-2 quarts of water) and cheese. Too much mixing makes for a chewier brat.

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    @tarp are you talking about dehydrated jalapeno or fresh? I’ve never had good luck with fresh jalapenos, I either get no heat or it doesn’t seem to add any flavor. Curious to see what your experience was.

    @vjbutler Alpaca would be a new one for me! I’ve never tried brats with that, I have had burgers from alpaca and they were tasty so I imagine they were pretty good!

  • Going to make my first attempt at homemade venison sausage today. Making mandarin teriyaki sticks with all this new equipment I bought from Walton’s for my early Christmas present.
    I’ll be using pork butt to mix with venison but unsure if when you talk fat percentages if you are just using the total weight of the butt in your calculation? My guess is the butt is probably only 30% fat and I’m concerned about ending up with a dry finished product if I don’t have enough fat in it.

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    @jonasen This is why we like recommending pork fat, as it is just overall easier to calculate. If you are making 10 lb of brats and you have 7.5 lb of venison you should add 2.5 lb of pork fat to be right at 75%. To expand that to a 25 lb batch it would be about 18lb of venison to 7 lb of pork fat. If you can’t get pork fat and can only get untrimmed butts then a lot of people go 50/50 on the pork butt to venison to get somewhere closer to the 80/20 ratio.

    When making venison snack sticks or summer sausage or brats I would recommend adding sure gel or carrot fiber to help everything bind together. If you want a really good product then Super Bind if you don’t mind spending a couple of extra dollars.

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    @jonathon These were ground fresh, sometimes maybe added a couple Serrano’s. These are really hot jalapenos. They work very well,it must be this S.E. Texas heat.
    I got a shirt made from alpaca , super warm but never ate it.thought I’ve eaten most everything.

  • @jonathon
    Thank you. Confirms my thinking that I should be using a 50/50 mixture. I purchased carrot fiber and will using that today. Watched all your videos and now time to try my hand at grinding, mixing and stuffing!

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    MNmeat: Sorry to be late sticking my oar in your pond. I’ve made a lot of different brats both as fresh sausage and as smoked. I get best results stuffing fresh pork casings. You do not need to mix the meat as long as when making summer sausage or snack sticks. Also, if you grind the lean meat and the fat through different grinder plates, using a slightly larger plate for the fat, then mix the fat and lean together it seems to give a better, pleasing appearance to the product. The fat contrasts with the darker color of the meat and gives your sausage a nice marbled look. Good luck.

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