• Is the thermal processing the same for both snack sticks and summer sausage? In the summer sausage recipe, it uses the words “snack sticks” in the Thermal Processing section…
    I would think that it would take a helluva lot longer to get those thicker summer sausages up to an internal temp of 160 degrees with smoker temp set at 175…? Would the other temp and time recommendations apply to summer sausages too?
    Either hang on smoke sticks or lay on racks in your smokehouse or oven. Just be sure to leave a slight gap between the snack sticks. A simple cooking schedule you can follow is here:
    125F for 1 hour
    140F for 1 hour
    155F for 2 hours
    175F until internal meat temp of 160F”

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    mtnjim Yes the Summer Sausage is absolutely going to take a good amount longer but that doesn’t really come into it until the final cooking stage, the rest of the thermal processing should remain the same! When we first started recording videos we actually would tell people to watch the snack stick video for making summer sausages, the processes are very similar. The only real differences are the ingredients and the casings!

    Thanks for pointing that mistake out on the older post, I have updated it to say Summer Sausages.

  • Jonathon thanks!
    Here’s a pic of the summer sausages ready for smoking (bbq/habanero seasoning with ghost pepper and cheddar cheese)

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    mtnjim Looking good, and you have a vital part in making summer sausage, alcohol! Whether you are using it to congratulate yourself after being done or to make the entire process more fun I salute your decision sir!

  • Jonathon I never cook, or process…without wine. :-)

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