Hello, I'm Wendy from North Eastern PA.

  • Been hunting for a good part of my life. We process our own deer. I make jerky every year and stick occasionally. Wanting to start getting into stick making more. There is lots of options here at Walton’s. Definitely a good place to come and explore. I am going to be slowly stepping up my game and purchasing some better equipment to make my experience less back breaking because right now all I have is a normal kitchen aid mixer for my grinder and stuffer. Kinda weak. And my oven. We will see how things go.

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  • @Jonathon
    We’ll that was the first thing that came to mind the first batch i ever made. had a cold beer in hand and was sampling one and closed my eyes to savor the moment and the smoke aroma smelled just like i had a lit cigar in my mouth thus the term [meat cigars]

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  • @Jonathon Was there another thread or topic that addressed glycerine and using a vacuum tumbler?

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    @doug7777 142 degrees is a stalling point where the fat starts to render. I used to get very impatient and start cranking up the heat to get the INT to go up. That usually results in burning all the fat out of the snack sticks. Be patient. The temp will eventually start to rise again. Once it does, it will continue to do so at a steady pace. I have had snack sticks in the smoker for 24 hours or better due to having 25lbs hanging at one time. I have also had 4-5 lbs at a time in the smoker only take 4-5 hours total.

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