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  • Got a Cabelas 3/4 hp grinder for Christmas. Yahooooo !!!
    Comes with a 4.5 and 10mm plate.
    I would like to get a 7mm plate. Local bass Pro has none.
    Anyone know if any other brands (Weston?) will fit?
    Are #12 grinding plates “universal”?

    Thx in advance for the wisdom.

  • Walton's Employee

    @thegunnut Not all plates are universal but in general, you can use one for another. The main thing to pay attention to is the way the plate locks into the grinder. Most plates will have either 1 or 3 notches cut out of the plate around its circumference, this is how it locks into the head. 3 notch plates will work with grinders that have 1 or 3 locking tabs, 1 notch plates will not work with 3 tab grinders.

    Other than that they should mostly all fit each other, diameter and even thickness is pretty standard, as is the center hole diameter. If you buy a cheap model from another country the plates might be hard to match but with something like a cabellas model you should be good!

  • Most do fit… Just order a #12 plate and it will fit!

  • @jonathon is absolutly right. My other advice would be to make sure and buy one with a hub. Makes it much easier to pull out.

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    @thegunnut I’d also get a knife and keep the knife and plate together so they wear together. Walton’s has Speco plates and knives that can be resharpened over time, I’d say they are worth the extra $, if not they are just disposable.

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