Goose snack sticks.

  • We are wanting to make some BBQ goose breast snack sticks. I am brand new to making snack sticks and I want to make sure I do this right. I am going to be smoking the resulting product in a Masterbilt electric smoker. I want to make sure I use all the right additives and seasoning. We have had a commercial processor do our sticks in the past and they are pretty good. It’s a pretty sweet BBQ taste and most of our crew loves them but I want to do it myself to save some money. Our bill is usually about $1000.00. I have a mixer and stuffer so could you shoot some tips my way? Thanks a lot guys. I think the biggest thing is the mix ratio and which seasoning to use.

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    @hinoon If you are looking for a seasoning the Habanero BBQ Snack Stick or Summer Sausage is a favorite of mine and would give you some of the sweetness of the BBQ (don’t let the habanero scare you as they aren’t that hot in my mind) the Honey BBQ Snack Stick will give you the BBQ and the sweetness you are looking for and the Sweet Maple Bacon Snack Stick will give you a nice sweetness.

    For the mix ratio, if you can get your hands on straight pork fat I would add around 25% of the products weight in fat. This will give you a good taste and texture to your stick. If you can’t get your hands on pork fat you can use pork butts and go 50/50 on the pork and goose. We like pork fat because it has a creaminess to it that other fats cannot seem to duplicate. If you dont want to use pork fat you can use beef fat, it just won’t have quite the same taste or “mouthfeel”. During the 2nd grind is the best time to add the pork fat to ensure that it gets well mixed in with the meat.

    If you want to stay low on the fat content then you should consider adding Cold Phosphate to increase the water holding capacity of the meat and some sort of binder. Super Bind is a mix of Carrot Fiber and Potato Starch so you get the water holding capacity of the carrot fiber and the potato starch starts to gel at the same temperature meat starts to expel it’s water so it soaks it right up. If you don’t want to spend the money for Super Bind then Sure Gell or Carrot Fiber should work as well!

    Also you have a stuffer and a mixer but it sounds like you are going to need a grinder. If your bill is usually around $1,000 Im not sure how much of that you are wanting to spend on this but buying a really good grinder would pay dividends for years to come. The Weston Pro #22 and the Pro-Cut #12 KG-12-FS Meat Grinder are excellent grinders. Don’t let the fact that the pro-cut is a #12 fool you, your children’s children will still be using that grinder, they build those things very well! The entire Butcher or Pro Series from Weston are good grinders though until recently I did almost all of my processing for our videos with the Weston Butcher Series #12

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    @doug7777 142 degrees is a stalling point where the fat starts to render. I used to get very impatient and start cranking up the heat to get the INT to go up. That usually results in burning all the fat out of the snack sticks. Be patient. The temp will eventually start to rise again. Once it does, it will continue to do so at a steady pace. I have had snack sticks in the smoker for 24 hours or better due to having 25lbs hanging at one time. I have also had 4-5 lbs at a time in the smoker only take 4-5 hours total.

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