Cutting snack sticks

  • Anyone come up with a idea to cut snack sticks, instead of individually.

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    @dubsmeats A knife that would cut across multiple rows is the easiest way that I have found. Set them up in rows of 5, get your longest sharp knife and just cut them across the entire row of 5.

    Anyone have a better idea? Looking at our big processors like @raider2119 and @Parksider

  • @dubsmeats We make our our sticks in approx 100# batches. Kitchen shears! We set up a jig, kind of.

    First we cut the curley ends off. Make two lines on packing paper of the desired length and shear away. We are experimenting with something like a paper cutter this year but haven’t perfected it yet. When we get going this year I’ll post some pictures.

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    I was thinking about a paper cutter…let us know how that works. We cut the ends off and package them up, the guys love the small bites-we call them nubs. I usually just use blue tape on a cutting board and line them up. Key is to have lots of help! We use the 6"x10" bags for 6 sticks. I like using the zip lock chamber vac bags but they can get pricey compared to regular bags.

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