Collagen casings

  • My first time making Polish sausage. The collagen casings are not as pliable as natural. Do I need to soak the ends in water in order to tie off the ends?

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    @sloaned Are you using edible collagen or inedible collagen? If you are using inedible collagen then the rule of 15s apply. That is, soak it for 15 minutes in water that is 15°C (59°F) and is a 15% salt solution. If you are using edible collagen (Fresh, Clear, Smoke) then you don’t need to soak it. I’ve never tried tying edible collagen though so I dont know how that would work. If you are tying it I THINK it would be okay, soaking it might weaken it but tying it will combat that.

  • @jonathon I have not opened the package yet. Looks like they are open on both ends. Edible 32mm smoke collagen casings.

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    @sloaned Okay, then no, you do not need to soak them but dipping them in water briefly, like you would for collagen sheets might not be a bad idea, it at least wouldn’t hurt anything. Just make sure it is cool water and it is a very brief dip. If you are doing this weekend please post your results, I am interested in seeing what happens!

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