Goose Snack Stick and Sausage Ratio??

  • Hi all,

    I am new to the sausage and snack stick game and was looking for some advice. I am confused when people talk about pork fat ratios when making these products with wild game (goose). I am planning on doing 50% pork butt (from the butcher shop) with 50% of goose breast meat. So, 20lbs of pork butt and 20lbs of goose meat.

    Does this sound right? Should I be adding some straight pork fat too? Just a newbie looking for some advise!

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    @ddibara if you are going to make it 50/50 with goose and pork butt then there is no need to add straight pork fat to your product. Just make sure that your pork butt is untrimmed, you want a nice thick fat cap on it, to get you in the correct range. Hope this helped!

  • @jonathon Awesome, thank you!

  • Walton's Employee

    @ddibara What seasoning are you planning on using? We have a retail store attached to our offices and the old manager was a huge bird hunter and he made some amazing goose sticks. I think his favorite was the Habanero BBQ for goose but I’m sure they will all be good!

  • I just placed an order for the Willies seasoning and I may add some hot cheese! I will have to try the Habanero BBQ next time!

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