Hawaiian brat seasoning for jerky.

  • Has anyone tried making jerky with the Hawaiian brat seasoning?

  • Walton's Employee

    @tbone It’s a new seasoning, I know I haven’t tried this and I doubt anyone else has had the time to experiment with it yet. @gadahl is the one who got us to carry this seasoning and I know he has done some stuff with it, maybe he will respond with his thoughts on using it as a jerky seasoning?

    The one thing you need to think about here would be salt content, Hawaiian lists its first ingredient as salt so I am GUESSING that it would have at least close to enough to the correct salt content that it would be ok. Also, make sure you also get some sure cure as it won’t come with the Hawaiian Seasoning at is it designed to be made fresh.

  • @Jonathon

    Those where my thoughts exactly. I’ve made brats with it. ( they are killer). But I was wondering about the salt content. I really like this seasoning, I hope you continue to carry it. I think it would make a killer jerky with a little soy sauce and extra salt, and definitely some cure. I can’t help myself…I’ll get back to ya and let ya know my thoughts after a batch.

  • Walton's Employee

    @tbone We don’t have any plans to stop carrying that, it is doing pretty well for a new seasoning and has gotten positive reviews from what we have seen!

  • The Hawaiian seasoning is milder than some of the hotter seasonings; it has a nice tropical flavor profile with a touch of pineapple. I think, as a seasoning for jerky, the drying process would intensify the flavor and give a nice finished product–something my wife and grandkids would like; not too salty or too spicy.
    Tbone, I also think adding a little soy sauce and maybe some pineapple juice would be great. Let’s see some pictures and a taste report when you get it done.

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