• Found a local meat market willing to sell hog casings. They do quiet a bit of sausage themselves. I put the casings in the pre-soak and it looked like they had tentacles coming off them. Maybe 1/2” long floating from (but still attached) to the casing. These casings are preloaded on a sleeve. I’ve got everything ready to go. Sure don’t look like the videos I’ve watched.
    Any one got any thoughts?

  • Team Blue Admin Walton's Employee Power User

    denny66 Yeah, they are called whisks or whiskers I think and they aren’t a problem, as far as if they are good other than that I don’t know but I’d assume if they are making their sausage out of the same stuff that you would be ok! I believe most of the ones you get from a company that processes these professionally will either trim them somehow or turn the casing inside out so they don’t show. You are good to go!

  • Jonathon

    Thanks again for your help. This type of stuff is the reason I tend to start off my post (questions) with “I’m new at this” etc.
    I had decided to go ahead and stuff a little bit a see what the final product looked like with all those things sticking out. After doing so it didn’t look near as bad as it did when the casings were still on the sleeve.
    Again Thank You for you help. Between the videos and this community Walton’s has really helped me.

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