snack sticks and super bind/water

  • so I have a two part question, when making snack sticks do I add more water for the super bind I added or just the 2qts to 25lbs ratio? I usually do chicken breast and 20-30% pork shoulder. Going to try 100% chicken breast next time, after initial drying at 20 do you think in the later temp stages I should introduce water pan for humidity? to help keep from drying out. Building new smoker from stainless steel warming cabinet with internal blower should eliminate hot spots associated with my bradley.

  • @midgetracer31 I’d be concerned doing straight chicken breast won’t give you enough fat ratio (even if you add in the skins). You could probably use 100% chicken thighs. That’s what I do when I make chicken, spinach and feta brats. Thighs have enough fat (when you also include the skins), that additional fat is not needed.

    Sorry, I can’t help you on the water question for the super bind. I’m sure Jonathon will be along shortly to give you feedback on that.

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    @midgetracer31 Love chicken sausage! I have done brats from chicken, and other poultry a few times, here are 4 different articles. How To Make A Juicy Homemade Turkey Bratwurst, How To Make Juicier Chicken Brats, How to Make Juicer Chicken Brats, Chicken Brats Made From Thigh Meat. The one where I used the thighs was the best if I remember correctly. Now, these were brats not snack sticks, the main difference will be the mixing and the smoking.

    If you are wanting to use breast to avoid fat the best thing you can add is Cold Phosphate to prevent the water from cooking out. This works by altering the pH of the meat and allowing it to bind to water more effectively.

    As for adding more water, I wouldn’t, the 2 qts per 25 is already going to be almost soupy, the Super Bind will help with that but it is still going to be a loose mixture, any more water might make it harder to handle. In fact, I went through and updated a bunch of our recipes to say 1 qt of water and 2 if you want to make stuffing very simple. With CHicken Breast though, because of the super low fat content, I would add 2 qts, or thereabout.

    I’d add the water pan after the 1st hour. I’ve never made snack sticks with chicken but I think with Super Bind and extra water you should be ok, not great but ok. On your next batch I would recommend the cold phosphate, it really made a large difference in the chicken brats!

  • @midgetracer31 I made a smoker out of cafeteria holding hot box with a blower but the motors didn’t like the smoke bearings kept seizing up.

  • @jonathon We have made them for a few years now. I use skinless bones less breast, thighs, & pork shoulder pretty much 33/33/33 mixed. used super bind in last batch habenaro seasoning and ghost pepper cheese the turn out very well. Wifey and I are dieting so just wanted to reduce the fat as much as possible. Making the bigger smoker with blower to equalize air temp in cabinet and to keep sticks hanging well above heat source. I will install my Bradley biscuit feeder in the side of it should work out well. control the temp with my Auber controller.

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    @robert-barney Habanero Seasoning is good, Supreme Pizza, Salsa Brat, South of the Border Cheddarwurst, Spinach and Feta (and I hate both Spinach and Feta, but somehow love this seasoning) and Rueben Brat are all good in chicken!

  • Walton's Employee

    @Robert-Barney Oh, and how could I forget the Habanero Mango! That’s the seasoning that first got me to try Chicken Brats…I just remembered that you are making snack sticks not brats, so that list is somewhat useless to you! Oh well, if you ever do try brats those are all good choices!

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