Chef , I appreciate your comments, and clarity. Breaking down a recipe isn’t that hard . This site: and his book: Home Production of Quality Meats and Sausages Paperback – Illustrated, March 21, 2012 is a great read. It does break down the norms and tolerances for spices and seasonings (2-3pgs of listings). The site is international and covers just about everything meat, and alcohol 😊 Lots, and Lots of whys, not so much how to’s. The spirit of the author is to teach you how to make sausage not read recipes, but the wisdom to spot a good or bad recipe, and why to use metric, not imperial. Rytek Kutas’ auto-bio is a great read as he walks you thru the failures and successes of a sausage maker and how he acquired his recipes throughout his life. Culminating in his efforts for the Sausagemaker business. Sad ending. When I visit the East coast I make 50lbs of brats for their taste, For what they think brats taste like. When i travel to the Left Coast i retool my polish sausage for what they think is a traditional Kielbasa taste… When it comes to Bulgogi, I take into consideration what region of South East Asia they’re from. It is what it is… Cheers 😎
PS: I an not responsible for my computer’s grammar or spelling errors😉