The problem here is two-fold. 1st and biggest is that they are all formulated differently. Look at Habanero Lime, Dill Pickle or Pizza Jerky. All of those are formulated for both a stick and a jerky, which in my mind means they are going to be fine in either. Then look at the jalapeno jerky, that is .625 lb where jalapeno snack stick is 1.5 lb so is using that on a restructured jerky going to impart the level of flavor you want? Basically, yes, it is going to be fine to use as a restructured, it just might not have as strong of a flavor. I would argue that Dill, Hab Lime or Pizza should not be changed at all, just use it at the normal rate. For any others IF you want a stronger flavor I’d bump it by 10% more seasoning per lb and do a smaller test batch to see if that gives you what you want.

The 2nd issue is that taste is so subjective. We have a few seasonings like Honey BBQ that I hate but other people say they love it. Then I have made things that I’ve loved and others thought had too little or too much taste. We need a scovile unit for taste. Tremblays. “That burger had 5 Tremblays of flavor.”